The COVID-19 pandemic will alter and shape the history of mankind beyond being a healthcare crisis. Allow me to share why I think so.

This ‘alternative’ movement is most attractive as it carries a philosophy of self-determinism.

My attitude to Homosexuality

We live in a broken, fallen world where we all struggle with a similar range of sins as there is nothing new under the sun. The problem begins when we start to categorize into greater and lesser sins, particularly when it comes to sexual sins. A day ago a friend sent me an audio recordingContinue reading “My attitude to Homosexuality”

Blood, bodies and bombs

I wrote the below article to the Miami Herald back in March 1997 as an assignment in a course being taken at Miami-Dade Community College. What I did not expect was that the Miami Herald called and invited me to a ‘open-house’ geared to the public on how articles and headlines are chosen for theContinue reading “Blood, bodies and bombs”

What is truth?

An age-old question as relevant as ever today in a milieu of supercomputers, Alexa and Google. The definition, ‘quality or state of being true’ helps little to this great philosophical subject. We all hold and treasure opinions, thoughts and ideals which we believe are true, for to cling to a belief known to be false,Continue reading “What is truth?”