Jesus turns water into wine


The gospel of John chapter 2 verse 1-12 records Jesus’ first miracle at Cana in Galilee, of Him turning water into wine. The scriptures record that Jesus, his mother, his brothers, and his freshly called disciples were all attending a wedding when the wine ran out.

John wrote this gospel with the intent that you may believe in Him and in believing may have life in His name Jn 20:30,31. John states in chapter 2:11 that Jesus begins His signs and wonders in Cana and his disciples believed in Him. What can we take away from this unlikely first miracle involving Jesus’ mother?

A mother’s involvement

The first thing we notice is Mary his mother’s involvement in the wedding and the possible social embarrassment with the wine all finished. She involves Jesus in the domestic affairs of the moment, not the bridegroom who was ultimately responsible for the festivities. 

We often affirm that there is nothing that God cannot do. We sing ‘My God is so big, so strong and so mighty there’s nothing my God cannot do’. But, do we affirm similarly that there is nothing too small, too insignificant for God to notice and be involved with? Do we for example before starting up the car and pulling out to work offer a simple prayer for God’s protection and guidance as we routinely drive to work? Maybe we should.

A mother’s intuition

Then notice Mary’s intuition. Jesus had not up to this point in His 30 years of age done any public miracle. But Mary was convinced, she knew her son, the circumstances of his birth, and many things spoken to her about this child, she knew He was sent from God. How it would all work out, that she didn’t know. Her faith moved her to action: ‘They have no wine’ verse 3 of John 2.

Are you convinced of Jesus’ Lordship over everything and that as Paul the Apostle says in Colossians 1:16 ‘For by Him all things were created, both in the heavens and on the earth…by Him and for Him.’ Do you share such a relationship with Him? Is it deep and intimate?  Does it go beyond head knowledge and move you to action? 

A mother’s instructions

Jesus rebuffs his mother’s attempt to involve him ‘My hour has not yet come’ verse 4. We have to wonder, what if Mary had stopped there and given no instructions to the servants? Would there have been a miracle? We don’t know but with her conviction she gave instructions. I would submit here that it is faith, demonstrated in action which brings results. 

Jesus’ mission and ministry on earth were ordained before time in the eternal counsel of the Godhead. I am over-awed even to think that man (woman), in relationship with God and by an exercise of faith in God, could influence the mighty working God in human affairs.

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I have always known myself to be better at expressing myself on paper than verbally. Maybe that’s why I feel so unheard for most of my life. This is my attempt to change and the reason I created this blog. Writing is second nature for me and here I hope to grow and develop this and most of all to be heard. My writings will range from topical societal issues, motivational pieces, blogs to challenge and stimulate thought to matters of Faith and Christian living. My dual passion is to create and post images of this planet we call home which will move and evoke some sense of wonder. Beauty surrounds us from the details of a wildflower to a stunning sunset. My images attempt to convey the rawness and spectacle of life and to pass on what I felt at that moment.

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